Story – Never miss a good one…

Are you ready for a story? It’s gonna be exciting I promise you…

Those of you who haven’t heard of Story just don’t read the news of the foodie world. You simply can’t miss it. In fact, I recommend you don’t.

In the case of Tom Sellers, his culinary creations really do make you feel part of the story of his beautiful restaurant and, like Tom, there is a fun and slightly cheeky side to things… take your food seriously but not life, he seems to say.

With the setting in Bermondsay where the candles were made and a menu that really brings joy to the palate, and possibly to the soul, Story is a place you won’t forget.

Nasturtium Flowers with Oyster Cream and Crisp Rye Crumbs…

and Crispy Cod Skin with Smoke Cod Roe Emulsion, Carrot Tops and Gin Botanicals

Bethnal Pale Ale from Redchurch Brewery

Rabbit Finger with Carrot pickled in Bergamot and Tarragon

Garden radish with seaweed butter

Dark Sourdough…

In a leather bag like a Medieval cloak…

with Cider Rough Relish, Ham and Jelly…

and Tallow Drippings (very cool as we’re in the candle making district!)

Burnt Onion, Apple, Gin and Thyme

A fairy tale lake in a single onion petal

An Ink Black Pool around a Reed Swept Potato Island

Horseradish Snow, Raspberry and Beetroot with a blood deep Balsamic

Lamb, Salad Root, Garlic and Sheep Yoghurt

Lemon – Lemon Snow, Cream, Foam, Meringue – this is real magic.

Three Bears Porridge РToo Sweet, Too Salty, Just Right 

You choose, but there is only one right answer…

This is an experience, and one I can’t wait to have again.

More to come…


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