Smooth Operator

Smoothies remind me of my more energetic days in high school when I played every sport imaginable AND did dance after that for three hours each day. It was hard to get enough protein in my body because, well I’m tall and my metabolism was ridiculously high (please come back!) and for some crazy reason I decided to be vegetarian (copied my best friend). The joys and adventures of teenage life…

Green Smoothies

Anyway my sweet mother did indulge me and made me smoothies in the mornings, mainly consisting of fruit, frozen berries and some tofu or yogurt for protein. I never was allowed to go the route of the powdered stuff, not the kind of thing a teenage girl should be consuming, as my mama said, but then they were kind of awful! Now it’s all a trend again and the powders are back, but this time there are way better options. Not just for big muscle builders or the elderly, though hopefully theirs are improving too, there are actually some proteins out there that taste OK and aren’t so bad for the body or the planet.

We’ve been testing smoothies at work to possibly have in one of our restaurants, which is really near a pilates studio, and I thought I’d share what I loved about it (mainly cashew butter!) and what I didn’t.

Pea Protein is the most interesting to me because it’s vegetarian, vegan, allergen-friendly and it’s better for the environment than milk or egg based proteins because it requires less space and minimal resources. If you’ve grown peas you’ll know they need little tending to or space!

Pea protein is great when you use it with something thick and still nice when you have something that covers up the slightly grainy effect of a powder in liquid, an issue you can’t really get away from (this I don’t like). It’s without a strong colour, so works with red and green based smoothies both.

So here is what I recommend:

Put these ingredients in the size glass you want to use

A handful of green veg – spinach or kale, a scoop of cashew butter, a tiny bit of honey, a half banana, two tablespoons of oats and a tablespoon of pea protein.

Top this with almond milk filling the glass and then pour the lot into your super duper speedy blender.

Blend it until totally smooth and allow it to sit for five minutes. If you need to top up the almond milk to make it more liquid, go for it. Top it with a few flax seeds and then drink up.

But please, for the love of all that is holy, don’t give up bacon if you really don’t want to. It’s just too good.



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