1. The Breakfast Club Cafe, Angel

    Sitting on a bright corner along the Camden Passage in Angel are two stacks of the most wonderful pancakes you have ever seen. Each stack with four perfect pancakes and a wonderful stiff custard cream cloud floating above them, carrying sliced strawberries and plump blueberries, and accompanied with syrup. I feel like I’m floating on my very own cloud as I munch them down in the sunshine with my friend. I would post a photo, but it would cause a stampede…. (actually I forgot to take one as I was in a pancake trance, so you will just have to trust me.)

    The Breakfast Club is busy, busy, busy and the staff behave a bit like friendly bees, bumbling around quickly and efficiently the whole time but without hovering too much so as to make you feel they might land on your plate. You go inside to get your menus and once you’ve picked -which is hard because everything looks AMAZING- you go back inside, past the ‘Sex, Drugs, and Bacon Rolls’ sign, to the till to order. Your coffee comes out so quickly you can’t believe you were ever without it and the food comes out nearly as fast but not so fast as to make you think you’re in a fast food joint. This is definitely not fast food, it’s so delicious it practically stops time.

    The decor is definitely shabby chic, but it seems to have progressed naturally rather than being purpose built and bought- everything is as bright and cheerful as the staff. It feels like a community has made it, which is why I think it lives up to its name as Breakfast Club. All I know is, I want to be a member.

    I am enjoying another enormous bite when our waitress comes out and shouts in excitement ‘Look what I found!!’, holding up the centre piece of the old seat I am using- an old iron cafe chair painted bright blue- and quickly jams it in, replacing the pillow under me before I can sit down again. She smiles a huge, bright smile and I say thank you as she pulls a bottle of syrup out of her apron, ‘AND more syrup for you too, just in case…’. There is joy here, and even though we paid the bill at the beginning, my friend and I agree we could sit here all day… and come back again tomorrow.

    Love from Maggie
    After the Market

    The Breakfast Club Cafe, Angel
    31 Camden Passage N1 8EA


  2. Kick-Ass Cookies

    Sunday was Mothering Sunday. I hope everyone remember to call, send flowers too, or think about their mum and how amazing mothers are generally.

    My beautiful, loving, liberal mother has taught me a lot of things. She has taught me how to tie my shoes, spell b-a-n-a-n-a, eat a banana, walk, and make chicken cacciatore- a few among many examples of course. My mother also taught me about protecting myself, about seeing signs of danger- but that didn’t stop me being chased down an ally-way aged 21… details aside it was pretty scary, fortunately I got away without a scratch.

    Now, I generally don’t get all dark and dreary about much- but street harassment, harassment in general, is a real bugbear of mine- partially because I have experienced it before, too many times, and sometimes it has been scary. This week is International Anti-Street Harassment Week and not many people know about it- so, I’m spreading the word about as thick as I spread butter on homemade bread.

    Catcalls, sexist comments, flashing, groping, stalking, and assault. During International Anti-Street Harassment Week, people worldwide will collectively speak out about gender-based street harassment and work toward solutions.”

    I may be a woman and I may bake a lot of cupcakes- that doesn’t mean I’m weak, and neither should any other woman think they are, or man for that matter and NO ONE should feel they aught to put up with unwanted attention or threat. Gender-based harassment, mainly toward women and girls, is a huge problem internationally. It happens all the time. Let’s do something to help stop it happening where we walk- let’s take back the street.

    visit- http://www.meetusonthestreet.org/– for more information on how you can help the cause. 

    Now, I’m off to make some kick-ass cookies…. I’ll be thinking of you, Mom. See the recipe on my Cooking Page.

    Made by Maggie
    After the Market