Plate Presentation… and other news

Hello all! Sorry things have been a bit quiet this week. I’ve got some fabulous news though! I am now enrolled for a Diploma in Food and Wine at Leith’s! This means more recipes and lessons with refined technique to teach you all! I’ll tell you what, I’ve been having some serious fun in the kitchen!

First up – a lesson on presentation.

Ever feel as though you’ve put in all the work and yet it just looks like slop on a plate? Never fear! There are a few tips that will revolutionise your presentation.

Have a look at this plate of vegetables and hummus…


I never knew how to make crudités look so lovely and yet on learning this simple lesson I now see how easily any plate can be made beautiful.

It takes a bit of thought, but the results are ace! In both my two examples, 5 tips have been used to make what might have been a bit of a mess into edible bursts of colour.

Presentation works a bit like a painting, where the eye is drawn to look at the object in a pleasing way. Think about presenting the following when you plate your dish:

1) center height

2) blocks of color

3) diagonal or circular lines

4) where possible, use odd numbers

5) clean plate boarder

You can try using these tips next time you’re making a snack for your guests! I promise they’ll appreciate your efforts, and they may even think the dish is more delicious for it.

The truth for most is, presentation is really just as important as taste when it comes to how you feel about eating something.


This fruit salad may seem a bit fussy, but it looks beautiful, which makes eating it a more pleasurable experience. We do eat to live, but I think we live to eat too. Am I right? I personally might be drawn to the above instead of a chopped fruit salad, for example.

As is per usual, it’s all a matter of personal taste but see what you think about these tricks next time you put something together to serve your friends. I bet you 100 kiwis they’ll notice!

I’ll be incorporating more presentation technique into future posts, that way we can all eat tasty AND beautiful food!


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