London Fields Brewery

I recently turned the big 2-9. For my birthday we went to London Field’s Brewery – a fabulous place in East London bubbling with delicious ales and unfiltered lager. I enjoyed the tour so much I just had to hug one of the tanks.

Not for those who only drink Carlesberg, London Fields’ concoctions are robust and bursting with flavour. As someone unlikely to order lager at any time other than with spicy street food, I was surprised to find their unfiltered lager scrummy and my favorite of all their brews. It is just as complex as a great ale with layers of taste while it’s also refreshingly citrusy. It’s closer to a pale ale than you’d expect from a lager, which is a definite plus in my book. I also loved the Hackney Hopster, an ale that has a nice clean malty flavor with a spike of grapefruit. Divine with steak and chips.

London Field’s Brewery only opened shop in August 2011, so they’re newbies, but they certainly know how to brew. You wouldn’t believe how small their brewery is for what they produce. It seems a miracle they get it all done! I would highly recommend giving them a try, particularly if you’re a beer obsessive like me! You can find their beer in pubs and restaurants all over London (click here for a list).



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