Gastronomica is back … and it’s better than ever

You’ll remember that last summer I reviewed a delicatessen-come-cafe in Pimlico called Gastronomica. Well, it’s back and it’s better than ever! With a new sign and newly renovated interior, Gastronomica is sparkly clean yet remains down to earth and is again offering its Aperitivo for high quality imported Italian cured meats, cheeses, veg, pasta and wine every Wednesday from 6-9pm.

In 2000, Marco Vineis,  weary of the fast lane in the City, founded Gastronomica to import high quality food from Italy and provide advice to chefs in the UK. Marco is the one in the hat…

After many long days of selling Italian made cheese and meats out of a basket, Marco moved into a stall in Borough Market and soon after opened his first restaurant in London.

Marco’s business continues to expand but still sticks to the same mantra – provide delicious Italian food to those who appreciate it not only for its flavour, but for the relationships made in the process of bringing it from producer to table. In Marco’s own words:

“Gastronomica has developed strong, exclusive relationships with Italian suppliers and introduced many small rural producers to the wider European market. Much more than a food importer, Gastronomica’s service is based on close collaboration between producers, suppliers and chefs. These relationships enable producers to satisfy their requirements and Gastronomica to inspire well-known chefs to create dishes using new products – its most important role as a company.”

At Gastronomica Aperitivo, for £12 you get a large glass of wine or a Campari Prosecco spritzer and all you can eat from the aperitivo bar.

If you really love something you’ve tried, you can buy meats, cheeses and other delectable items while you’re there or online at the Gastronomica Shop.

You’ll be buzzing from the atmosphere and so delighted with the food that you’ll cancel your dinner plans and stay for another glass of wine. You might even learn some Italian as this weekly event draws Italians from all over London in to eat produce from home. You know if they’re coming in numbers it must be the real deal…

What better way to spend a Wednesday evening? You know where I’ll be next week!

Score: 7/10 – great value and a new seating area means a more relaxing experience
Price: £££££
Location: 45 Tachbrook Street, London, SW1V 2LZ, UK



    • Maggie

      I just found your comment and it has made my day again! Thank you! I hope you are still enjoying Gastronomica. All the best!

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