Foxcroft and Ginger

When I first heard of Foxcroft and Ginger it was because of the introduction of their new hybrid pastry the Cruffin – a croissant/muffin crossbreed both flaky and chewy,  filled with ganache or custard. I thought it a triumph and spread the word via an article for Good Housekeeping.

Today I had to stop myself ordering another, as I am here to sample some of there other goods. After all, one cannot live on pastry alone! (Though I am always tempted to try…) 

The shelves are teaming with beautiful Viennoiserie and cakes, including the gorgeous pistachio lemon loaf (on of those please!) and individual Victoria sponge (and one of those!). So that’s dessert sorted then, now how about lunch…

The menu has everything you would hope to find at an artisan cafe – showcasing the baked goods they are known so well for with a bit of imagination thrown in for the food adventurer. The Kimchi  Burger immediately catches my eye. A few salads thrown in and we are good to go.

Service is quick and my burger is delivered stacked high. The kimchi is not overly fermented or hot – it tastes fresh and adds a welcome kick to the juicy (obviously high quality) meat. However, the real winner in each bite comes as no surprise given the roots of this bakery cum cafe. The bun has all the desirable elements of a fresh, chewy roll baked this morning, with a crisp crust, just enough sour from the ferment and salt to give each crumb full flavour. It’s very easy to eat the whole thing, even if there is a lot of it!

The salads are fresh and crunchy, but lacking a little flavour. A bit more seasoning would really bring out the best in these vibrant vegetables, but then, maybe I like things a bit more on the salty side. They do make me feel healthy, and it’s a nice touch that you can get all three on the same plate when you order. Variety is the spice of life in my book, particularly when it comes to salads.

On to my favourite course. I nearly consider dessert as an essential part of the meal, though of course in moderation… only once a day.  


The pistachio lemon loaf nearly glows green the pistachios are so fresh. It’s moist and packed with flavour. But the really fabulous treat is the individual Victoria sponge. Thick cream holds the top and bottom together and creates a moat for the sweet strawberry jam. It’s a simple recipe made decadent. 


Served with beautifully brewed flat whites in adorable mismatched tea cups to end a perfectly lovely lunch. 

In a nutshell – you can taste the effort. 

Foxcroft and Ginger have two more cafes, one in Whitechapel and one opening in Dalston that promise all their Soho branch offers and more. As one who is inclined to top almost anything with a poached egg, I am desperate to try their new Dalston poached egg bar, a venture I can only applaud. It launches on Thursday 18 June 2015.


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