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  1. Porter Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Whisky Frosting

    I recently went out for dinner and we had this chocolate stout cake. It was dense, sweet, malty, moist, bitter (maybe slightly too bitter) – but mainly just a delicious piece of cake. Something worth baking at home, with a couple of little changes.

    First thing’s first – it’s the beer that gives this cake depth of flavour by introducing some of its fruity and malty notes, so the beer is one of the most important ingredients to think about.

    In Harold McGee’s book ‘On Food and Cooking’, the beer style chart lists stout as being mainly dark and bitter. Porter on the other hand has a bit of caramel sweetness to balance the bitterness from the dark roasted malt. It also has a bit more fizz, which might help to leaven the cake. I’ll tell you what – it works. I’ll never again bake a chocolate cake without it… and the whisky in the frosting? Well, it’s the icing on the, you know, cake.

    Porter Chocolate Cake with Dark Chocolate Whisky Frosting




  2. Peanut Butter Yogurt Cupcakes with Sea Salted Chocolate Ganache

    Well, here we are! The new After The Market! It’s been a bit quiet here for a while but I hope you’ll think it’s been worth the wait.

    I am so happy to share my new site, with more user-friendly buttons and ways to search. I’ve certainly enjoyed the process of putting it together with mastermind graphic designer David Waters and designer/web builder Kimberley Chan. Thank you so much guys!

    To start us off, I think something sweet fits the bill… Enjoy!

    peanut butter ganache

    Peanut butter: the perfect combination of salty, sweet and that protein taste called umami. Leaving out the nostalgia for peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, there’s nothing much better than a peanut butter cake in my book, which is why I keep re-visiting my recipe.

    This time I have added Greek yogurt to the mix, which I think has given it a creamier feel yet a lighter texture. The yogurt acts a bit like buttermilk, adding acid to the baking powder to create a nearly frothy reaction. You can see how the batter forms silky peaks.


    I’ve topped these ones with dark chocolate ganache and sea salt, so they’re a bit like a fancy peanut butter cup.


  3. Dark Chocolate Banana Cake

    When you have about a hundred bananas lying around the office that need eating you just have to make banana cake. Chuck in some leftover dark chocolate (the rest of the bar you’ve just bought and eaten a few squares of counts as ‘leftover’ in my book), a tablespoon of cocoa powder and a little extra butter and you’ve got a deliciously sweet and bitter cake.

    Handful of roughly chopped dark chocolate
    4 teaspoons double action baking powder
    1/2 tsp sodium bicarbonate
    1 tablespoon cocoa powder
    8oz plain flour
    4 1/2 oz butter
    4oz caster sugar
    3 banana’s smushed
    2 room temperature eggs
    2 bananas, sliced down the center along the ‘spine’ curve for the top of the cake


  4. Almost Flourless Chocolate Cake

    HAPPY NEW YEAR 2013!

    Last year was pretty awesome. I, for one, got married (this was the most amazing experience of my life), started this blog, moved on from a not so great job, and learned how to knit. Now, 2013 is gonna be good. I can feel it.

    I have already seen some flowers bursting forward from ground in my neighborhood, so that’s super exciting. If only the weather would get better…There used to be frost on the ground and it was so pretty. Now it’s just rain… boooo.  But horrid weather means warm fires, snuggling up, comfort food and hot cocoa. So I’m pretty happy.