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  1. Food at 52 – Italian Cookery in Clerkenwell

    To spite the recession’s efforts to make us feel dull, restaurant footfall has hit a high among 20 and 30 somethings in particular. We’re saying ‘To Hell with high rent! We want lobster, duck and waffles, macaroons and infused jellies, micro-brews and copper-stilled cold compound gin and we want 7 course tasting menus paired with wine ON A WEEKDAY! We want it all, and some of us want to know how to make it too.

    Cookery classes seem to be popping up all over the place in response to the foodie revolution that has so graced this big city (Thank Gawd for that!) and with so many options – especially in London – choosing can be a little overwhelming. I am forever scouring the internet for fun, high quality, not too expensive cooking classes, so I was delighted to find Food at 52 in Clerkenwell.

    Walking in the door you would think you were entering a friend’s house for dinner, which makes sense because when John Benbow started up he was teaching friends and family out of his own home.

    Now he and his lovely wife Emily have expanded, opening an airy school where you can see the handy work of John’s past life as a furniture-maker in the wood and stone of a beautiful open plan kitchen designed for teaching in a communal way.


  2. Our Wedding Rehearsal Dinner with The Wine Key

    Ok- today I am feeling nostalgic. Not many of you know, but I married my best friend this year and it was fabulous. Now, I’m not going to gush too much about the details (though I could for hours and might do later) I am simply going to tell you about a really great part of our wedding which might give some of you readers a little idea for your next big family event.

    My man and I wanted to do something special for our families and wedding party before our big day. We ummm’d and awwww’d about what to do until we came up with a brilliant idea – we love wine and we love learning so let’s do something with both for our guests! Enter Charlotte and The Wine Key to lead a wine tasting class at our wedding rehearsal dinner.

    It was wonderful! My in-laws are English and my husband and I especially wanted to share with them some of the gorgeous wines available in the USA and we also wanted to share some prize wines from Vashon Island, WA, where we were getting married, with everyone. Charlotte offered a number of options and guided me through their characteristics so that we could pick the perfect palate to match our very American, elegant BBQ theme.